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When I first discovered FIRE blogs, I had never read a blog besides a recipe post. And I certainly had no concept of following someone. Sounds a bit stalker(ish), doesn’t it? Haha. Now I follow others and appreciate others following me.

Initially, all the FIRE blogs I read were written by young men who were, for want of a better word, very gung-ho about the concept. I wanted to read other perspectives, namely from someone other than a white male with an enormous income.

So when I discovered Meet The Women Of The Financial Independence Movement by Tread Lightly, Retire Early, I was ecstatic! Here was a community of women blogging about their FI journey and with whom I could relate to, even though the majority had started on their journey much earlier than I did.

Angela wrote it in response to a blog post in which the blogger cited one female blogger and replied to a comment that he didn’t know any other female finance bloggers. She came up with more than 100. And that was in January 2018. There are literally thousands now.

And as the movement has expanded across the world, there are also more non US centric blogs providing another point of view. I love reading all the different perspectives, strategies, eventual outcomes from people of all walks of life and from around the world.

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