Sloww Sunday Newsletter 020 — June 14, 2020

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Sloww Sunday Newsletter

Sloww Sunday Newsletter 020 (June 14, 2020) — New Civilization Possibilities, Life & Meaning, The History of Philosophy, & More

Hi friends,

Sloww Sunday is a weekly newsletter synthesizing the world’s wisdom to awaken the art of living.

In a modern world focused on the trendy, here’s your dose of the timeless.

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1. Sloww Stuff

🆕 What is Your Purpose in Life? 10 Deep Thoughts to Guide Your Hero’s Journey to Finding Life Purpose (8 mins) — This isn’t your average listicle that you’ve seen a million times about finding life purpose. This short post boils down five years of my own personal experience and research on meaning and purpose. If you are on the journey to discover your purpose, give this a read.

🆕 The Rise of Wise Podcasting — 10 Intellectual Podcasts to Think Deeply, Boost Knowledge, & Live Better (4 mins) — It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to only ten. Already thinking about a follow-up post with up-and-coming podcasts.

🆕 8 Profound Podcasts Introducing the Meaning Crisis, Sensemaking, & Game B (3 mins) — These are some “new” concepts quickly growing in popularity right now. This post introduces each concept with some handpicked podcast episodes to get started.

2. Video I’m Watching

📺 Neurohacker’s Advice on What we Must do to Stop the End of Civilization — Daniel Schmachtenberger (Tom Bilyeu on YouTube | 110 mins)

Technically a podcast, but too good to not include. I’ve started going down a Daniel Schmachtenberger rabbit hole and will publish a deep dive of his key themes/insights.

“I want to be able to enjoy the beauty of life as fully as I can now, I also want to be able to add to the beauty of life for other people, I also want to deepen my capacity to experience the beauty of life and add to it. Being, doing, and becoming. How do we optimize for a virtuous cycle between the modes of being, doing, and becoming individually and collectively?” — Daniel Schmachtenberger

3. Podcast I’m Enjoying

🎧 Mindscape 100 | Life and Its Meaning with Sean Carroll (90 mins | YouTube | Apple | Spotify | Stitcher)

Mindscape was one of the 10 intellectual podcasts I highlighted. This is a deep scientific perspective on naturalism and physicalism. Even if you don’t agree with Carroll’s personal perspective, it’s worthwhile to spend time filling in knowledge gaps from many disciplines. Go to the 7:00 mark to skip the intro.

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4. Website I’m Exploring

📖 The History of Philosophy — Summarized and Visualized (Deniz Cem Önduygu)

This visualization is incredible! It’s a visual summary of the history of Western philosophy—showing the positive/negative connections between key ideas of the philosophers. This just reiterates that when it comes to ideas, we are all “standing on the shoulders of giants” that came before us.

“Contemporary philosophy is dialectical in its method: new arguments necessarily make reference back to earlier positions which provide the background for understanding the commitments which the arguments seek to challenge … The relation of present arguments to past debate provides by itself good enough reasons for regarding the continuation of such debates as the only way of improving our understanding.” — Thomas Baldwin

5. Quote I’m Contemplating

Sloww Purpose Work Meaning of Life Gift David Viscott Quote

Quote: “The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” — David Viscott

Question: Which stage do you feel like you’re at right now?

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